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The Wraith as imaged by SciFiMix.

Wraiths are a predatory alien species indigenous to Sol Draconi Septem.


Wraiths are described as large, nonmammalian animals covered in a thick white "fur", which is actually composed of tubuled scales capable of holding gaseous atmosphere, thus acting to hold in body heat and keep the animal warm. Their eyes register deep infrared frequencies. They have redundant lung capacity, which allows them to go twelve hours or more without oxygen. Wraiths are fast and have immensely powerful forearms, and their rear legs are designed for digging and disemboweling, along with their enormous teeth and claws. Against the black background of Sol Draconi Septem's sky, the wraiths are said to look more like immense white weasels or iguanas than anything else.

Each wraith has two huge five-chambered hearts, and it is thought that they are capable of fighting on with only one intact. They wear a necklace of small human skulls. They have two main stages of development: when young, they exist as the relatively smaller cubs, which are the ones hunted by the Chitchatuk; and as the much larger adults, which bore through the ice of Sol Draconi Septem's frozen atmosphere, leaving behind large tunnels used by the indigenies for navigation.


Following the collapse of the Hegemony, Sol Draconi Septem reverted to its original state of hyper-glaciation, with the polar ice caps spreading toward the equator and most of the atmosphere freezing solid. The wraiths adapted to this climatic change easily, having been previously restricted to the poles, and developed a predator-prey relationship with the local indigenous humans known as the Chitchatuk. Interestingly, both the wraiths and the Chitchatuk seem to rely on one another as their sole source of food and resources: The Chitchatuk derive all of their food, clothing and equipment from wraith carcasses, and the wraiths have no obvious source of nourishment aside from the Chitchatuk bands they raid from time to time.