The River Tethys connected many worlds of the WorldWeb.


The WorldWeb, informally known as the Web, is a network of interdependent and politically unified worlds connected by farcaster and fatline located either on their surface or in orbit, thus providing instantaneous access to hundreds of planets and moons from every Web world. The Web also unified commercially all worlds within its system, creating a complex interplanetary economy. Tourism among its member worlds flourished. It existed under the control of the Hegemony of Man, alongside Outback or Protectorate worlds.

For a complete list of Web worlds, see WorldWeb (category).


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The origins of the WorldWeb lay in the beginnings of the Hegira, as humankind left dying Old Earth, and a network farcasters and fatline started to be created, as provided and maintained by the TechnoCore. [1]The Web existed for hundreds of years. It was brought to an end by the destruction of the farcasters ordered by Senate CEO Meina Gladstone before the massive attacks inflicted upon the Hegemony. The subsequent Fall signified the end of the WorldWeb as it had been known.

Known Worlds in the World Web


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