Sea of Grass by sabin-boykinov on Deviantart

The windwagon ridden by the Pilgrims as depicted in "The Great Grass Sea " by sabin-boykinov on Deviantart.jpg

Windwagons are a form of transportation used by the inhabitants of Hyperion. They resemble ancient Old Earth sailing vessels, with large, rounded wooden hulls and an array of masts and sails to catch the wind. They are balanced on a single massive wheel in the center of the hull, using internal gyroscopes to maintain stability. 

Windwagons are designed specifically to traverse the Sea of Grass, a unique biome consisting of a massive plain of tall grass-like plants that can reach well over six feet in height. Traveling by windwagon is the only safe means of crossing the Sea, as the grasses are inhabited by deadly grass serpents.

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