This planet was the first planet farcast to when Aenea, Raul and A. Bettik started their voyage along the river Tethys. Following an airborne Pax military chase and with their ship sustaining major damage, they transited through the dissused River Tethys farcaster portal on Renaissance Vector and appeared here. Neither the ship or its passengers were able to identify the planet at the time, though the ship later identified that it was neither in Pax space or the former relms of the WorldWeb or Outback, but that it was approximately 280 light-years galactic northwest of the outback system known as NNGC 4645 Delta.

At the locations explored by the ship and its passengers, a dense jungle was on either side of the river. Aenea and Raul scouted a red-rock monolith as they explored the region. During an extended period where the ship lay submerged at the bottom of the river repairing itself, the ship reported to have witnessed (through its remotes) at least two humanoid species, one only a littler taller than a meter, and both with bilateral symmetry, a variant skeletal structure and a distinct reddish hue, along with more than 300 avian species and a river-mantis type creature[1][2].

The planet looks similar to NGC 2629-4BIV in description, but they aren't the same worlds.[3]


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