This page is about the project within the TechnoCore. For the Human quest for an ultimate intelligence, see Ultimate Intelligence (Human).

The Ultimate Intelligence is the theoretical artificial intelligence capable of efficiently and reliably handling variables in the prediction of the future.[1] This UI would theoretically be able to take into account every conceivable variable and predict every possible future outcome.

The project to develop the Ultimate Intelligence had been underway within the TechnoCore for at least 700 years at the time of the Final Shrike Pilgrimage. It utilized, among other things, the creation of an analog of Old Earth and a number of cybrid retrieval projects as the TechnoCore attempted to understand the relationship between creature and creator, believed an essential part of the project's eventual success.[1]


The motives behind the the TechnoCore's Ultimate Intelligence project are poorly understood. According to the first cybrid reincarnation of John Keats, there is no simple answer to why the Core seeks to build the UI - just as there is no simple answer as to why mankind has felt a drive to put faith in a higher power for thousands of years. However, he states that the Core's desire to "build God" stems more from the need for efficiency than a more abstract religious calling.


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