This page is a Timeline of the events that occur before, during and after the opening of the Time Tombs on the planet Hyperion. Most dates are listed in the Common Era, known in the time of the Hegemony as the "old calendar" or "old reckoning"[1]. Dates in the Common Era numbering system use the following designations:

  • BCE - Before the Common Era
  • CE - Common Era

A new calendar was adopted following the establishment of the Hegemony of Man. Dates in the Hegemony Standard calendar are provided, when known:

  • PC - Present Calendar - used for dates after the founding of the Hegemony of Man[2]

After the fall of the Hegemony, dates were typically calculated in terms of "years after the fall"

  • AF - Years After the Fall - used for dates after the fall of the Hegemony of Man

Additionally, individual planets almost always have a local calendar, typically based on the local solar year. A relevant local calendar is that used on the planet Hyperion:

  • ADC - After Dropship Crash - a designation used for local dates on the planet Hyperion.

Note: It is assumed in all the calculations below that a "standard" year is an Old Earth year, consisting of 365.2425 days. Dates in local calendars will obviously use a different year length, which may add uncertainty to calculations involving local dates or based on statements where the length/type of year is unspecified.

Circa 500 BCE

Circa 33 CE

  • Jesus of Nazareth was the first Human to understand the Void that Binds. While alone in the wilderness, he travelled to the future - the time following his crucifiction - and worked his miracles on Earth. This is why he was believed to have risen from the dead. This is explained by Aenea in The Rise of Endymion

2038 CE

  • "Nuclear Jihad" wipes out the shortly-lived nation of Palestine on Old Earth.[4]

2143 CE = 0 PC

  • Year zero in the Hegemony Standard Calendar.[5] Presumably, the date of the founding of the Hegemony.

2200s CE

  • 2238 - The Big Mistake - a team in Kiev creates a black hole that begins to devour Old Earth from the inside out for the next 100 years.[6] This year is 526 years prior to the Final Shrike Pilgrimage and 95 years after the founding of the Hegemony.
  • Some time later - The Ousters leave Old Earth System 450 years prior to their encounter with the Consul[7]; this is after the Big Mistake, since they have data regarding the origin of the Big Mistake at the time. It is also prior to Martin Silenus's birth, since he references the Ouster migration in his early childhood.[8]
  • 2282 - The Hegira begins. Humanity leaves Old Earth for the stars.[9] This year is 44 years after the Big Mistake.

2300s CE

  • 2318 - Martin Silenus is born on Old Earth.[10]
  • 2338 - The Death of Old Earth. Martin Silenus departs Old Earth for Heaven's Gate.[10]
  • In this intervening period while Martin "slept", the Hegemony was formalized and the WorldWeb spun into something close to its final shape. The All Thing took its place, the TechnoCore seceded, and the Ousters retreated to darkness. All had been in progress prior to Martin's departure for Heaven's Gate. [11]

2400s CE

  • A. Bettik is bio-manufactured in the twenty-fifth century AD, in the year 26 ADC on the local Hyperion calendar.[12]

2500s CE

2732 CE = 589 PC = 426 ADC

  • Day 1 of Father Paul Duré's exile on the planet Hyperion = 17 Thomasmonth 2732 CE = October 12, 589 PC = 23 Lycius 426 ADC.[23]

2739 CE

2761 CE

2764 CE

2852 CE = 2852 AD

2861 AD

2978 AD

  • The archbishop of Tau Ceti Center, His Excellency Klaus Cardinal Kronenberg is excommunicated from the Catholic Church.[30] This is year 126 After the Fall.

3099 AD

  • Raul Endymion is born on the planet Hyperion.[31] This is year 693 ADC on the local Hyperion calendar and year 247 After the Fall.

3126 AD

3131 AD


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