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During the course of the Endymion and The Rise of Endymion novels, the story's protagonists travel through several worlds. Their journeys are described below.


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Raul, A. Bettik, the Shrike and Aenea sailing on the River Tethys.

The story opens 274 years after the Fall of the Farcasters. Raul Endymion, a 28-years old hunter guide on Hyperion, is recruited by Martin Silenus to perform a mission: rescue his 12-years old "niece" Aenea who is about to return at the Time Tombs, find the Old Earth, destroy the Pax, and "find out what the fuck the TechnoCore is up to and stop it." Endymion assumes that Silenus is demented, but accepts the mission. He is helped by Silenus' android servant A. Bettik and by the old Consul's ship.

The Chasing: Fleeing the Pax

Meanwhile, the Pax also knows that Aenea is about to arrive. They consider her an abomination and want her captured. The mission is assigned to Father Captain Federico de Soya, who prepares an army of elite troops on Hyperion's surface and in surrounding space to trap Aenea.

Eventually, Raul Endymion, Aenea and A. Bettik manage to escape Hyperion with the Consul's ship. As they are chased by a determined de Soya, they are forced to travel through many different worlds in an attempt to flee the Pax.

# World Events
With the Consul's ship →
1 Hyperion Endymion and Silenus's plan consists of arriving at the Time Tombs, flying on the Consul's Hawking mat. When the Sphinx opens, Aenea appears as predicted. However, the Shrike also emerges and massacres most of the Pax military units – both on Hyperion and in local space. In the confusion, Endymion meets Aenea and takes her to the Consul's ship, where Bettik is waiting. The Pax, fighting with the Shrike, cannot stop the ship before it translates to hyperspace.
2 Parvati The ship's first destination from Hyperion is the Parvati star system. The trip starts the friendship between Aenea and Endymion. He realizes that his young friend is far more precocious than a twelve-year-old should be, and he feels a hint of the mystique that she will have in the future. Meanwhile, Father de Soya, badly injured by the Shrike, is determined to not let Aenea escape again. He takes possession of an Archangel-class courier ship, which he names the Raphael, that allows him and three of his elite soldiers (Sergeant Gregorius, Corporal Kee and Lancer Rettig, from the Swiss Guard) to fly to Parvati faster than hyperspace. The price of this speed is a painful death and resurrection of the ship's passengers. When Aenea and Endymion arrive in Parvati space, de Soya is waiting to stop them. However, Aenea threatens to kill herself by depressurizing her starship, and since de Soya's orders are to catch her alive, he has to let her go.
3 Renaissance Vector The next destination is Renaissance Vector. De Soya's team, after dying and resurrecting again, is ready to stop Aenea this time even if she tries to depressurize the ship. On arrival, Aenea convinces him to allow her ship to land, but instead she flies the ship along the old River Tethys through one of the farcaster portals, all of which have been inactive since the Fall. De Soya guesses her plan at the last moment and attempts to disable Aenea's ship, but too late to prevent it from farcasting. De Soya, unable to determine to which of the hundreds of planets crossed by River Tethys Aenea has fled, begins an odyssey of continuous deaths and resurrections through all known planet systems in order to find her.
Through the farcaster portals →
4 Unnamed Jungle Planet The ship has arrived at an unknown jungle planet. The passengers are all unharmed, but the ship is badly damaged. Its AI states that it can be auto-repaired, but it will take about six standard months. Since Aenea cannot wait, Raul constructs a raft to follow the River Tethys. Raul, Aenea and A. Bettik depart and leave the Ship there. The raft arrives at the next inactive farcaster, but again it works and translates them to another planet, Mare Infinitus.
5 Mare Infinitus As they travel across the aquatic planet, looking for the next farcaster, they encounter a sea platform occupied by Pax guards. Since they cannot avoid it, Raul boards the Hawking mat and goes alone to the platform, taking some explosives in order to create a distraction. He succeeds, but only after fighting with Pax soldiers, losing the carpet, falling into the water, and eventually being rescued by Aenea and A. Bettik. They find the next farcaster and translate to Hebron.
6 Hebron Strangely, they find this Jewish planet absolutely abandoned. The abandonment seems to have occurred recently and in a hurry, as electricity is still working. Aenea and A. Bettik find a hospital with automated surgeon units, which heals Raul's injuries from Mare Infinitus.
7 Sol Draconi Septem Aenea, Raul and Bettik continue to travel through the farcasters. Their next destination is Sol Draconi Septem, a barely terraformed, frozen, high gravity planet. There, they meet and befriend the Chitchatuk, primitive humans who are adapted to Sol Draconi Septem's terrible conditions. The Chitchatuk take Aenea and her companions to meet Father Glaucus, a blind priest estranged from Pax. At Glaucus' home, Aenea, Bettik and Raul rest and enjoy the priest's friendship.
8 Qom-Riyadh They depart again and farcast to Qom-Riyadh, an Islamic planet, which they find also strangely uninhabited.
9 God's Grove Shortly after farcasting to God's Grove, the raft transporting the heroes falls into trap. They are ambushed by Rhadamanth Nemes, a deadly assassin cybrid sent by the TechnoCore to eliminate Aenea. A. Bettik has one arm cut off by the monofilaments while Raul and Aenea shelter in the rapids of the river. When Nemes attacks, the Shrike appears and blocks her attempts. They fight each other to a standstill, but Nemes uses a special device she attaches to the Shrike which transports it five minutes into the future, giving Nemes plenty of time to kill Aenea and save her head. However, Father de Soya, barely resurrected and piloting the Raphael in low orbit, talks to Raul by tight beam and lances Nemes from outer space with a powerful energy weapon. Nemes disappears in a lake of molten rock.
10 Old Earth Blessing her, de Soya lets Aenea go with the dropship. With Raul and A. Bettik, she passes through a farcaster to reach her final destination: the supposedly destroyed Old Earth, which is now orbiting a Sun-like star in the Magellanic Cloud, hundred of thousands light-years away from human space. Aenea guides the ship to Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, where she will study with an architect until she is ready to fulfill her mission.

The Rise of Endymion

SPOILER ALERT! The section(s) below are MAJOR SPOILERS.

Four years after the events of Endymion, Aenea is now sixteen and her mentor, the "Old Architect" (a cybrid Frank Lloyd Wright), just died a natural death.

Consequently, Aenea knows that she must return to Pax-dominated space to carry out her role as The One Who Teaches. She sends Raul "ahead" by farcaster along the River Tethys to find the old Consul's Ship they had abandoned in the previous book, and bring it back to a world called T'ien Shan where they will meet again. But due to the time dilatation and time-debt during Raul's interstellar travel with the ship, what would have been a few weeks trip turned into a five years long journey.[1]

Raul's Journey

Raul Endymion visits six different worlds before finding the Consul's ship. He sails through the farcaster portals on the River Tethys with a kayak manufactured and improved by A. Bettik.

# World Reference(s)
1 Lusus [2]
2 Freude [2]
3 Nevermore [2]
4 Vitus-Gray-Balianus B [2][3]
5 Unnamed Cloud Planet (unknown Gas-giant with oxygen-rich stratosphere) [4][5]
6 Unnamed Jungle Planet [6]

On Vitus-Gray-Balianus B, Raul encounters the Amoiete Spectrum Helix people. He is taken care by a local family while he is suffering the painful symptoms of a kidney stone. These people further help him to escape the Pax and the Nemes' siblings that were after him.

On his next destination, Raul arrives on an unknown cloud planet. He directly emerges from the farcaster portal on the planet's stratosphere, which causes him to fall indefinitely, to a certain death. Fortunately, A. Bettik (with the advises of Aenea, thanks to her ability of viewing probable futures) equipped the kayak with sailclothes that Raul is able to deploy, allowing the kayak to fly. There, Raul encounters a powerful storm. He's saved by a zeplin who swallows him and brings him to the next farcaster portal, which leads to the unnamed jungle planet where the Consul's ship is lying.

Eight days after he departed from Old Earth[7], Raul finally finds the Consul's ship, which is completely repaired. Raul is eager to meet up with Aenea as quickly as possible on T'ien Shan, but the ship's AI warns Raul that the faster-than-light travel will last for more than three months[8], which are translated into a five years time debt[1][7].

Aenea's Architecture Works and Teachings

Four days after having sent Raul to find the Consul's Ship, when the last people of Taliesin West had left Old Earth, Aenea and A. Bettik farcast away to Ixion, their first destination of a long journey. During the next five years, she travels to many different worlds where she performs architecture works and starts teaching circles.[9] When Aenea leaves a world, many of her students farcast also away to other worlds, with the aim of spreading the Aenea's Teachings and her DNA Sacrament.

# World Duration Events
1 Old Earth 4 years Aenea is twelve when she arrives at Old Earth. During four years, she is mentored by the Old Architect who teaches her the architecture arts. At sixteen, the Old Architect dies. The Taliesin West community splits up and farcasts away from Old Earth.
2 Ixion 5 months Aenea, accompanied by A. Bettik, heads up the reconstruction efforts in the old Ixion cities of Canbar, Iliumut, and Maoville. She starts her first series of "discussion circles" that bring listeners in from a dozen of warring tribes.
3 Maui-Covenant 3 months Aenea and A. Bettik steps through to a motile isle still belonging to the Sirist rebels. She studies how to build treehouses from the best treehouse builders in human space. There, she also befriends Theo Bernard, a direct descendant of Theo Lane, who accompanies Aenea during all her following travels.
4 Renaissance Vector 6 months Aenea works on the new Christian cathedral "St. Matthew's" in the city of Da Vinci. She labors with the best stonemasons, glass workers, builders, and craftsmen in this business. She was an apprentice first, but before she leaves this world, she has ended as an assistant to the chief designer working on the nave. On Renaissance Vector, her famous discussion circles gathered thousands of students.
5 Patawpha 3 months Aenea uses her treehouse experience to build mansions in the interwoven branches and trunks growing from the endless swamps there.
6 Amritsar 4 months Aenea works in the desert building tent homes and meeting places for the nomad bands of Sikhs and Sufis who wandered the green sands. She meets and befriends a 17-years[10] old Rachel Weintraub on this world.
7 Groombridge Dyson D 6 months Aenea and her friends (A. Bettik, Theo and Rachel) joined the Great Wall project, the construction of a wall more than five thousand kilometers long that would separate the wilder sections of the savage highlands from the horse-herd savannahs and evolving cyclad forests to the south. The wall was to be more than a wall, it was to become the great linear city of Groombridge Dyson D, thirty meters tall at its lowest, its ramparts resplendent with mosques and minarets, the travelway on top wide enough that three chariots could pass without rubbing wheels. On this world, A. Bettik found two of his crèche siblings: his brother A. Antibbe and his sister A. Darria.
8 ??? 23 months, 1 week, 6 hours During her journey on Groombridge Dyson D, Aenea leaves her friends there for a period of time while she goes on a lonely voyage to a location only revealed at the end of The Rise of Endymion novel.[9] Meanwhile, A. Bettik, Theo and Rachel continue to carry on Aenea's mission, sharing some of her lessons, finding people who wished to partake of communion, letting them know when she would come back. Finally, Aenea returns to help all her friends to farcast away from Groombridge Dyson D, the day before the Pax could have seized them all.[11]
9 T'ien Shan 12 months Aenea is a part architect, part construction boss on this world. She first supervises the construction of a Taoist temple over near Potala. Afterwards she is hired by the Dalai Lama to finish the work on the Temple Hanging in Air.

Raul & Aenea Reunited

Raul and Aenea are reunited after an exact period of 62 standard months, 1 week and 6 days.[7] Raul is still 32 years old.[12][8] Aenea, who aged to 21[13], has became a grown woman and well along in her role of The One Who Teaches.

Together with their friends, they spend three months on the mountainous world of T'ien Shan, until they are found by Rhadamanth Nemes and a Pax delegation. Forced to flee with the Consul's Ship, Aenea, Raul, and all their many companions, as well as an injured Federico de Soya, ended in an Ouster and Templar remote system which is hosting a strange structure, a startree biosphere.

However, their stay didn't last for long, as the Pax assaulted the startree with hundreds of archangel-class starships, only 18 days[14] after their arrival. Aenea and Raul managed to escape the war aboard the Yggdrasill treeship with a few hundred survivors.

For the following days[15], Aenea freecasts the treeship to many different worlds, around a hundred, where she disembarks her followers little by little on each visited planet, in order to spread her teachings and her DNA Sacrament.

These trips end with Aenea, Raul and Federico showing up at Pacem, the capital world of the Church. Aenea and Raul are captured by the Pax. Raul is judged, condemned, and sentenced to die in a prison orbiting a remote world, while Aenea is tortured to death by christian and TechnoCore authorities.

# World Duration
1 T'ien Shan 3 months
2 Startree 18 days[14]
3 >100 4 or more days[15]
4 Pacem 1 day

Raul's Freecasting

# World Events
1 Armaghast Shrödinger's Cat Box Prison
2 Pacem Bassin Kee, De Soya, Paul Duré
3 Hyperion Martin Silenus
4 Mars Kassad
5 Old Earth

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