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Farcaster in Tau Ceti Center.

Tau Ceti Center, also known as TC2, is a planet in the Tau Ceti star system, just under 12 light years from Old Earth System.[1] During the Web Era, Tau Ceti Center was the central world in human space and the administrative capital of the Hegemony of Man.[2]

It orbits its star at a very close orbit of 0.36AU.[2]

Web Era

During the Web era, Tau Ceti Center is home to tens of billions, surrounded by a ring of orbital cities and habitats, served by space elevators, farcasters, the River Tethys, the Grand Concourse, and the fatline. Tau Ceti Center was home to Government House and center of the Hegemony's datumplane megasphere.

The world had no agriculture of its own, bringing in food from a thousand worlds via farcaster.

Few religions had taken hold on Tau Ceti Center. Those that became popular were the most self-indulgent or violent religions, including the Church of the Final Atonement.[3]

The Fall

Tau Ceti Center was hit hard by the Fall. Floating buildings crashed. The power grid failed. Tens of thousands starved or perished in falls from urban spires served only by now-defunct farcasters. With no agriculture of its own, the Starvation Riots lasted for over thirty standard years, resulting in billions of deaths from hunger and billions more from human hands.[3]

Pax Era

Missionaries from the New Catholic Church and the Pax arrived at Tau Ceti Center sixty standard years after the Fall.[4] During the Pax Era, the once central planet became a backwater world.[2] During the final days of the Pax, a Church cardinal attempted a coup against the weakened Pacem Pope. The Pax retaliated, and leveled most of the cities that had been rebuilt.

Aenean Era

Eighty years after the Pax attack upon Tau Ceti Center, the world has been repopulated by the Aeneans. The Aeneans have built beautiful classical structures on large estates and turned the planet into an "Arcadia for Aeneans".[2]


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