A spinship is a type of vessel used primarily for interstellar travel. Spinships travel under drive to a spinout point on the periphery of a star system, and then glide from the spinout point to the inner system under zero-g.

Travel to Hyperion from the WorldWeb via spinship requires 20 months in cryofugue and "a few weeks of in-system travel at either end of the voyage". Round-trip time-debt from Pacem to Hyperion is 8 years. The required glide from spinout to Hyperion is 12 days.[1]

List of Spinships

HS Nadia Oleg - A "pock-marked metal tub" with no artificial gravity when not under drive, no viewports for the passengers, and no on-board recreation other than stimsims. Passengers travel in hammocks and fugue couches and eat recycled food. The Nadia Oleg is the spinship on which Father Lenar Hoyt escorted Father Paul Dure to Hyperion to study the Bikura.

HS Denieve - The only Hegemony ship within two leap-years of Qom-Riyadh when the New Prophet rose his followers to aggression. The Denieve was an "aging orbital defense picket", with no nuclear weapons. The ranking officer on-board at the time was FORCE Captain Fedmahn Kassad.[2]

HS Brazil - The location of a command conference on the night before the Ouster retreat from Bressia.[3]

HS Merrick - The hospital spinship on which Fedmahn Kassad returned to the WorldWeb following the Bressia campaign. The Merrick had a triple hull.[4]

HS Los Angeles - The spinship on which Merin Aspic served during his encounters with Siri at Maui-Covenant.


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