Sol draconi septem by pennarellor-d5xcq2x

Sol Draconi Septem and its sun.

Sol Draconi Septem is an inhabited ice world located within the WorldWeb of the Hegemony of Man. It was part of the River Tethys circuit. It is a high-gravity world (1.7g)[1]

During the Web Era, the Hegemony terraformed most of the planet, primarily the areas around its equator. The planet had a breathable atmosphere then, and was populated with Old Earth wildlife. The All Thing, however, prevented its full terraforming - leaving the areas in the north reaches of the planet intact for the survival of the native alien lifeforms known as the Wraiths.

Sol Draconi Septem is home to Indigenies known as the Chitchatuk, a hardy people adapted to the harsh conditions of the ice world.[1]

After the Fall, Sol Draconi Septem quickly reverted to its original state of hyper-glaciation, with the atmosphere freezing almost totally solid and forming a thick blanket of ice over the entire globe. When that happened, the wraiths reestablished their domain over the entire planet, and engaged in a symbiotic hunter-prey relationship with the Chitchatuk, who navigated the frozen land using the tunnels bore by the creature's cubs.

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Raul Endymion, Aenea and A. Bettik visited this world as they fled the Pax using the old River Tethys farcasters.


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