Rachel Weintraub was an archaeologist. Born on Barnard's World, she was the daughter of Sol and Sarai Weintraub.

Hyperion Cycle

She studied archaeology on Barnard's World, and departed to Hyperion for postgraduate studies. She worked under Melio Arundez at the famous Time Tombs. She was on duty inside the "Sphinx" tomb when a disturbance in the anti-entropic fields shielding the building caused her nausea and she lost consciousness. Before losing consciousness, she encountered the Shrike.

When she woke, it was discovered that she had contracted a bizarre ailment: Her body was aging backward, growing younger as steadily as she had aged until that point. In addition, each day she fell asleep, she lost a day's worth of memories, as well as memories of everything that had happened since the incident. Her parents tried to find a solution for her problem, but neither science nor religion could help them.

During her last days of life, as a newborn child, her father got approval to take her to Hyperion with the last Shrike pilgrimage, on the treeship Yggdrasill. On the exact moment she reached her last second, her father handed her to the Shrike.

She is actually the infamous Moneta who travels with the Shrike.

Endymion Cycle

In the books Endymion and The Rise of Endymion, Rachel is one of the followers of Aenea. At that time, she is a dark-haired woman. She is around 20 years old when Raul Endymion meets her for the first time.[1]


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