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Planets are solid stellar bodies orbiting one or more stars. The planets are the basic members of the Hegemony of Man. Each planet has a certain level of independence, governed by a consul or a governor-general.

Those planets wich have a farcaster are said to be part of the WorldWeb, and can be reached without the use of any space transport. Those colonised planets not having farcasters, but enjoying the benefits of the Hegemony are the part of the Protectorate. Those ships can be reached by ships, having Hawking-drives.

By the time of the Final Shrike Pilgrimage, humanity had explored over eight thousand worlds.[1] A large majority of these worlds were explored very cursorily. Of the eight thousand known worlds, less than 400 have been colonized by humanity. Of these, 176 are fully integrated members of the WorldWeb. The remaining 200 are colonial and protectorate Outback worlds. Nine are especially unique Labyrinthine Worlds.[1]

Planets of the WorldWeb

  • Tau Ceti Center, or abbreviated as TC2 is the center of the government, and the FORCE headquarters.
  • Mars, house of the Olympic High Command, the FORCE academy.
  • Renaissance Vector
  • Lusus
  • Maui Covenant

Planets of the Protectorate

Notable Planets of the Pax Era


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