Parvati is the nearest Web World to the planet Hyperion. It is a desert world without enough oxygen to support humans, its atmosphere being composed mostly of carbon dioxide. Its terraformation was never successful. It was settled by Reformed Hindus not long after the Hegira. It had a population of a few dozen million before The Fall, and of fewer than half a million during the Pax Era. Gandjhiji is likely its only city. [1]

It is the location from which a FORCE:space evacuation task force was dispatched to Hyperion following the expansion of the anti-entropic fields around the Time Tombs prior to the Final Shrike Pilgrimage.[2]

Prior to the Fall, the time debt from Parvati to Hyperion is "a little more than three years".[2] In the time of the Pax, the Consul's starship as modified by the Ousters is able to make the 1.8 parsec trip from Hyperion to Parvati with six and a half days shiptime transit and only three months time-debt.[3]

Ninety-nine percent of the world is said to be empty and not settled, and composed mostly of sand dunes and lichen fields. Most of the population is concentrated in the large boxite mines around Gandjhiji.[1]

Parvati is the first planet visited by Aenea, Raul Endymion and A. Bettik after they escape capture by the Pax in the vicinity of the Time Tombs on Hyperion.[3]


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