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The Ousters known as "Angels", or "True Ousters" are those that have adapted to living in the vacuum of space.

Like most Ousters, Angels are long of limb and very slender in build. Their most unusual adaptation, however, is their ability to project paired forcefield wings from their backs, allowing them to "sail" on winds of solar particles. The shape and size of these wings can be varied as needed, typically reaching hundreds of kilometers in length during flight through open space, taking advantage of solar winds. It is unknown if this is an innate ability or one provided by technology. Angels encountered several hundred years after the fall of the Pax had integrated forcefield projectors on their dorsal surfaces.


Aenea and the ousters by jkemeny on Deviantart

"Aenea and the Ousters" by jkemeny on Deviantart. [note: the Ouster Angels depicted here are an alternative interpretation as compared to canon description]

Far Rider is a fully space-adapted Ouster angel described in the novella Orphans of the Helix. He was almost four meters tall. His mouth looked like no more than a gap, and it was sealed from the world by a layer of forcefield and clear skin plasma.[1] His body was described as waxy, with huge eyeshields like an insect’s. He could feed on light, and collected enough energy to deploy electromagnetic solar wings hundreds of kilometers wide. He recycled his own air, waste and water, and was adapted to the extreme cold, heat, and radiation of the hard vacuum. [2]

His human eyes were not visible as they were hidden by polarized membranes like goggles. When Far Rider spoke, it sounded like heavy static and communicated via radio only. He was able to broadcast the meeting between the members of his delegation and the Ouster and Templar population living on the alien startree biosphere described in Orphans novella.[3]


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