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Old Earth


Old Earth is the term used during the time of the Hegemony to refer to our planet Earth, humanity's ancestral homeworld.[1] At the time of the Final Shrike Pilgrimage, Old Earth is told to have been slowly destroyed over the course of a century by the Big Mistake, being "eaten" from the inside out by a black hole said to have been accidentally created by a scientific team in Kiev.[2]

The Truth About Old Earth

In the Consul's tale, the alleged destruction was said to have been deliberately planned by the TechnoCore and its Hegemony allies for the enslavement of mankind.[3] However, it is revealed that Old Earth is still intact as the Joseph Severn cybrid it sent there by unkown forces.

Later, in the Endymion books, it is revealed that Old Earth was actually spirited away to the Lesser Magellanic Cloud 160,000 light years from Pacem [4], by the creatures of the Void Which Binds to protect it from the TechnoCore and to allow experimentation of mankind by the "Lions and Tigers and Bears" to determine whether mankind was ready to access the Void.[5] Old Earth was returned to its original location in orbit around Sol at the exact moment of the Aenean Shared Moment.[6]

Notable Locations

  • The North American Preserve - Large portions of the North American continent, protected from over-development. Contains a prairie with a million or more acres of soft grass.[7]
  • Benares, India - A large city controlled by Old Families of the Old Earth Hindu religion.[8]
  • Manhattan Archipelago - A series of skyscrapers, in the City of New York, now with largely submerged due to an increase in sea level.[8]


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