Merin Aspic was a Shipman on the Hegemony Spinship Los Angeles turned revolutionary in the conflict that came to be known as Siri's Rebellion on the planet Maui-Covenant. Part of the farcaster construction battalion responsible for constructing an orbital farcaster above Maui-Covenant prior to it's incorporation into the Hegemony, Aspic was able to sabotage the farcaster, resulting in its destruction upon first activation. Aspic died during the ensuing conflict that was ultimately unsuccessful in preventing the admission of Maui-Covenant into the Hegemony Protectorate.


  • Alon - Oldest child of Siri and Merin. Alon was killed by the Home Rule Council of Maui-Covenant for allegations that he was working as a Separatist resisting Maui-Covenant's admission to the Hegemony.[1]
  • Donel - Youngest child of Siri and Merin and father to Lira and the Consul. A Hegemony loyalist until the very end, Donel was an official on Maui-Covenant at the time of its admission to the Hegemony Protectorate, subsequently first Home Rule Councilor and Senator.


  • Lira - Donel's oldest child. Lira became a revolutionary alongside her grandfather Merin, ultimately dying in what she considered the defense of her homeworld. She was subsequently disowned by her father as a result of what he considered her treachery and betrayal.[2]
  • The Consul - Donel's youngest child and one of the main players in the Hyperion saga. See more at The Consul.


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