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Maui-Covenant is a planet located within the WorldWeb of the Hegemony of Man. It is a largely oceanic world.

Maui covenant by pennarellor-d6al1tf.jpg

Maui-Covenant's original human settlers lived on a beautiful ocean world whose most notable features were the motile isles  which migrate to the equator every summer. The isles were herded by dolphins saved from extinction during Old Earth's final years.

In Hyperion, the Consul tells the story of how the planet was brought into the Hegemony unwillingly, as the inhabitants feared the environmental and social degredation that would be unleashed if there were an influx of tourists and oil prospectors. The Consul's grandmother, Siri, was a leader of the protestors. The first attempt at installing a farcaster portal was sabotaged, and a rebellion started which concluded in the Archipelago Wars, won by the FORCE. The war devastated most of the motile isles and the sealife of the world, which was followed by the mysterious mass sea suicide. After joining the Hegemony, Maui-Covenant became an attractive planet for tourists from all over the Web. The Consul uses the story to explain why he became an enemy of the Hegemony.

Notable Inhabitants