Madhya, pronounced “Mudye”, was a planet of the Outback and a colony of Parvati, in the vicinity of Hyperion. At the time of the Pilgrimage, it was not yet officially part of the Web.[1] It had one oversized moon.[2] The air on the planet was said to have a stench of sulphur-dioxide and foul odor.[1] There were several small cities on one side of the planet, such as Nanda Devi, a town of about 300 people. At that time, it had a farcaster in an unpopulated area where there were potential mining sites.[1]

Hegemony Era

In the days of the Hegemony, Madhya was a FORCE stronghold close to Hyperion. It was considered a “black” system - not found in inventories or civilian farcaster charts. It was reserved for military purposes and for mining only. It was considered the “fallback position” for the Hegemony defenses in the area. The planet was equipped with great amounts of automated firepower directed toward anything that came through.[3]

Only hours before the Web was attacked by the Swarm thought to be from the Ousters, FORCE spacecraft left from the military farcaster positioned at LaGrange Point between Madhya and its oversized moon. They headed towards worlds such as Heaven’s Gate, Mare Infinitus, Asquith, and God’s Grove in attempt to protect them from the incoming attack.[4][2]

Aenean Era

After the Aenean Shared Moment, the death of Pope Urban and the overtaking of Pacem, the Vatican set exile in Madhya after Monsignor Lucas Oddi escaped the revolution and the Core attack, establishing himself as self-declared Pope. The escape was done with the support of several million Pax loyalists and half of the old Pax military fleet that had fled Pacem via archangel starships and set guard on the planet.[5]


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