Kastrop-Rauxel is a planet that was part of the WorldWeb and connected to it via a single private farcaster accessible only by the Senate CEO. The planet was brought into the Web and its farcaster built by CEO Yevshensky to provide the Chief Executive a place to go where Core listening devices would be unlikely. It was completely uninhabited, having no datasphere, orbital devices, or human habitations of any kind. [1]

Kastrop-Rauxel is a relatively large rocky planet, with its horizons being described as further away than most. It is covered in golden grasslands, which were mostly empty save for small lifeforms. The sky is saffron yellow bearing copper-colored clouds. At times, the bronze clouds assemble in large formations of cumulus rising up in spires. Ball lightning can be observed, as well as winds that would move the golden grass like waves.[2]

Pax Era

While this world had no population while in control of the Hegemony, it was later terraformed and populated. In the events leading up to the Shared Moment, Kastrop-Rauxel is described as having been recently terraformed by the Pax. Solder Jigme Paring was dropped off there by Aenea to find the rebel population. [3]


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