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The Hegemony's capital, Tau Ceti Center.

The Hegemony of Man is socio-politico-cultural super-entity comprising one of the primary human factions dominating our arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It rules and unifies over 150 billion human beings and over 200 worlds connected by the WorldWeb, a collection of colonized planets connected to each other via farcaster and fatline, as well as over many colonies in the Outback and protectorate. The  Hegemony has been in existence since as early as before the destruction of Old Earth and the subsequent Hegira.

The symbol of the Hegemony is a blue-and-gold geodesic dome. Its capital is the central world of Tau Ceti Center.


The Hegemony is ruled by a bicameral legislature consisting of theAll Thing and the Senate, and a Senate CEO who fills the executive role. During the Final Shrike Pilgrimage, Meina Gladstone is the Senate CEO, making difficult decisions of great impact upon all worlds of the Web. It is not known if the Hegemony government has a judicial branch. The government of the Hegemony is advised by the TechnoCore through members of the AI advisory council, which typically makes predictions for the Hegemony government. One of these AI advisory council members is Counselor Albedo, who was closely involved with Hegemony government during the events leading up to the attacks upon Web worlds and the subsequent Fall.


The Hegemony is protected by all the branches of FORCE, including the FORCE fleet, marines, and seaborne forces.


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