Federico de soya

De Soya as imagined by an artist in an alternative cover art for The Rise of Endymion.

Father Captain Federico de Soya is a torchship captain in the Pax military, charged with locating and capturing Aenea following her emergence from the Sphinx tomb on the planet Hyperion.

Mission to Capture/Rescue Aenea

While in command of Pax Task Force MAGI Father Captain de Soya is summoned to Pacem where he receives a new mission from the highest levels of Church and Pax authorities – locate the child named Aenea and return her to authorities on Pacem unharmed.

Accompanied by Sergeant Gregorius, Corporal Bassin Kee and Lancer Rettig, his journey takes him to the following former River Tethys worlds:

Planet Distance From Old Earth System Reference(s)
Renaissance Vector
Tau Ceti Center 11.9 light years [1]
Heaven's Gate 8.3 light years [2]
NGC 2629-4BIV 7.8 light years [3]
Barnard's World 6.0 light years [4]
Inevitable Grace 10.7 light years [5]
Mare Infinitus 16.6 light years [6]

On Mare Infinitus, Father Captain de Soya encounters his first clue to the whereabouts of Aenea. He finds the old Hawking mat lost by Raul Endymion, as well as trace of blood of the latter, which allow de Soya to get Endymion's detailed identity.

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Upon leaving Mare Infinitus, Father Captain de Soya decides to change his search pattern, heading for Hebron instead of the original planned destination, Svoboda.[7] Upon entering orbit of Hebron, however, the Raphael encounters some resistance and flees the system, returning to Mare Infinitus instead of proceeding to Svoboda for an unknown reason.[8]


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