Datumplane is the summation of all computer and AI -generated real-time networks, and a virtual reality dataspace in the form of a Gibsonian matrix. Datumplane is accepted as common ground for man, machine, and AI. It is an extension and natural evolution of the dataspace created in early human computer networks sometimes referred to as cyberspace.[1]


To human operators, datumplane appears as three-dimensional highways of data with neon perimeters traveling through landscapes of black ice. Among the data highways are Day-Glo Strange Loops and skyscrapers of data blocks. AIs appear as clouds hovering above the landscape.[2]

There are two primary dataspheres within datumplane - the Web Megasphere , composed of the combined dataspheres of the Web worlds, and the TechnoCore matrix. Dataspheres from non-Web worlds also exist in datumplane. Connections to the web megasphere are also made by farcasters and fatline tranceivers, notably in the vicinity of farcaster-equipped FORCE spinships. Ouster swarms also create dataspheres within datumplane, presumably due to their use of fatline tranceivers.[3]

From within datumplane, individual dataspheres appear as colorful streams of data, surrounding their home planets, visible against the starfield of space. The Web megasphere appears as a turbulent green ocean of information with red veins of secure information.[4]


The Web megasphere...[5]


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