cybrid is an entity resulting from the fusion of an AI consciousness with a human body.

The body of a cybrid is totally human, with human DNA and more-or-less normal physiology, but its consciousness is located in the TechnoCore. Only a handful of cybrids have ever been created, and each one is required to be registered with the Hegemony.

While typically physically indistinguishable from humans, some cybrids do possess notably unnatural characteristics. For example, some cybrids are designed to self-destruct upon being tampered with after death; all of the fake "Ouster" soldiers killed by Hegemony forces during the Fall had this characteristic. Other cybrids, such as Albedo's cybrid in the post-Hegemony era, are capable of surviving in hard vacuum for a period of time without external gear.

Becoming Human

It is possible for an AI to fully "invest" in a cybrid, and thus exist only within the cybrid. In order to fit inside a human brain, however, significant portions of the AI consciousness must be abandoned in this process. In most cases, the resultant consciousness is neither the original AI nor a truly human consciousness. However, it is believed that in the case of an AI formed with a human personality at its core, if all of the AI consciousness other than the original human personality is abandoned, an AI invested in a cybrid in this manner would become fully human. In either case, since this process results in the significant loss of AI consciousness, it is prohibited by the TechnoCore.[1]

Known Cybrids


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