The currency varies, often from world to world, and changes significantly from the Web era to the Pax era. During the Web era, it was common for citizens of the web to use a universal credit card. The name of the currency is sometimes stated as Marks. During Pax era, with the fall of the WorldWeb and its connected data networks and FTL communication, a universal card was not an efficient method for interplanetary transferal of funds, so many worlds reverted to hard currency. During the Pax era, Renaissance Vector is one of the few worlds that has re-established the common use a credit card as they do have a planetary datasphere, however it is limited to use only within Renaissance System[citation needed].

Within the Pax, currency is referred to as Pax Florins, or simply Florins. The Pax Mercantilus use Marks and many worlds use their own form of currency. On Mare Infinitus the currency was called the Mare-eye siedon. The approximate known exchange rate[1] for these currencies is as follows:

Currency Name Florins Marks Seidon
Pax Florins 1 1.43 0.43
Pax Mercantilus Marks .70 1 .30
Mare-Eye Seidon 2.33 3.33 1


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