The Church of the Final Atonement, sometimes the Church of the Shrike[1] or Shrike Church, is a human religion based upon reverence of the Shrike - the entity of godlike power living on the planet Hyperion. The Church refers to the Shrike as the "Avatar" and as the Lord of Pain, and believes that it will one day loose its fury on the galaxy as divine punishment for humanity's sins. It is regarded as a cult by most within the Web, although members of the Church resent being referred to in such terms.

Clergy of the Church typically are dressed in blood red and black.  

Shrike Temple

The Shrike Church's central temple was located in Jacktown, the Old City district of Keats on the planet Hyperion. It dominated three city blocks, was more than 150 meters tall and had a central sharpened spire as its main architectural feature.[2]  

The Shrike Temple had become Hyperion's most popular tourist attraction following the closure of the Time Tombs following the Shrike's emergence and torment of the local population.[2]


The Shrike Church had correctly prophesied that Brawne Lamia would bear a child to be called the One Who Teaches, alongside identical prophecies by the Templars, the Ousters, and others. As such, the Church correctly foresaw the salvation of humanity through Aenea's DNA sacrament.[3]  


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