The Chitchatuk are an indigenous tribe of humans located on Sol Draconi Septem. They are the only remnants of the planet's human population following the Fall of the Hegemony.

The Chitchatuk subsist entirely upon the wraiths that inhabit Sol Draconi Septem; they derive all of their food, clothing and tools from the creatures, with the exception of heating pellets which they scavenge from ice-bound ruins. Likewise, the wraiths appear to rely entirely on the Chitchatuk for their sustenance, having no other obvious sources of food.

One of the most unusual aspects of Chitchatuk culture is their fixation with prime numbers: all Chitchatuk bands consist of a prime number of individuals, and if one of their number is lost or killed, the group splits so that the two new groups each have a prime number of members.