The Bridle Range is a mountain range on Hyperion's northern continent Equus, south of the Time Tombs. The highest peaks of the Bridle Range are over nine thousand meters in height.[1]

The Bridle Range was generally outside the range of the Shrike until the anti-entropic fields began expanding three weeks prior to the Final Shrike Pilgrimage.[2]


A tramway crosses the Bridle Range between Pilgrims' Rest and Chronos Keep. The tramway consists of 192 duralloy and whiskered carbon pylons, each 83 meters high. The journey is 96 kilometers in length and crosses the summit of Mount Dryden, the fifth highest peak in the Bridle Range at 9,246 meters.[3]

A series of tramcars were kept in constant motion along the tramway to keep the cables flexed and free of ice. This practice was stopped at some point prior to the arrival of the Final Shrike Pilgrimage.[4]


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