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Bressia is an outback world, site of a major conflict with the Ousters. The capital is Buckminster.[1]

The Bressian society was militaristic, xenophobic, economically arrogant, and pretentious. As such, they had been the Hegemony's surrogates in military encounters with the Ousters for decades prior to the Consul's arrival and subsequent Ouster invasion.[1]

Conflict with the Ousters

According to the Consul, who was Hegemony Consul to Bressia immediately prior to and during the Ouster invasion, the Ouster invasion of Bressia was provoked by the Hegemony Senate and AI Advisory Council as a test of Ouster might in the Outback. The Bressians were provided torchships in a lend-lease agreement, plasma weapons, and impact probes. The Bressians were happy to answer the Hegemony's call to "wipe out the Ouster menace".

The Consul was on Bressia with his wife Gresha and son Alon when the Ousters arrived.[1]


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