Barnard's World
Barnards World - Artistic

Artistic interpretation of Barnard's World by Timothy Cross. Photocopy transfer on silk.

Barnard's World is a planet in orbit of Barnard's Star, a red dwarf star at a distance of 6 light-years from Old Earth System. Due to its proximity to Earth, Barnard's World was one of the earliest interstellar colonies of the pre-Hegira era.[1] 

In Hyperion, Barnard's World is described as almost entirely flat, with much of its surface covered by large fields. The flat horizon means that sunsets and sunrises are exceptionally long and spectacular when coupled with the blood-red colouring of Barnard's Star. It is described as a quiet backwater, lacking the excitement of other worlds.

Barnard's World is the home planet of Sol Weintraub, who teaches at a university in the small town of Crawford


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