An android is a sentient humanoid created through bioengineering. The biofacture of androids is considered illegal on most Hegemony worlds, as is their use for slave labor, but nevertheless small numbers exist on Outback worlds such as Hyperion.

Unlike robots, which are wholly mechanical, androids are almost entirely biological - with the exception of certain prostheses to provide augmented strength and resistance to radiation and other adverse conditions, they contain no synthetic components. Their cells contain nanotechnology that administers a continuous form of Poulsen treatment, granting them indefinite lifespans.

Visually, androids are identical to humans save for their total lack of body hair and uniformly blue skin and eyes. This coloration is not due to their integrated Poulsen treatment nanotech, but rather to differentiate them from any known race of human.

Androids are identified with the honorific "A.," in order to distinguish them from humans, who are identified with the honorific "M."

Known Androids