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The Akerataeli are a species of sentient, space-faring extraterrestrials that inhabit gas giants. They have colonized more than ten thousand oxygen-rich gas giant worlds.[1] 


The Akerataeli are large, disk-shaped entities about two meters in diameter, and are greenish-white in color. They live in vast cloud-like swarms in the habitable zones of gas giant planets, coexisting with massive floating organisms known as zeplins.

The Akerataeli's most remarkable feature is their ability to communicate at a distance via direct neural input: they can direct precise microwave pulses that stimulate certain areas of other organism's brains and nervous systems. This allows them to direct the actions of their zeplin symbiotes - or, when encountering other sapient organisms such as humans, to stimulate the language-perception centers of the brain to effectively "speak" directly to the target's mind. 

When "speaking," the Akerataeli often communicate in terms related to their gaseous environment; for example, the phrase "good thermals to you" is equivalent to "good luck."


When Raul Endymion was transported via farcaster portal to an unknown gas giant planet, the resident Akerataeli noticed him and attempted to make contact with him, asking him if he was a friend of "the one who teaches." While Raul was unable to respond, the Akerataeli continued to follow him and later commanded one of their zeplin symbiotes to save him from a fall. The zeplin then ferried Raul to another farcaster portal.


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