Ahranwhal Gaspa K.T. Rettig is a Lancer for the Pax military and a supporting character in Endymion and The Rise of Endymion novels, appearing alongside Father Captain Federico de Soya, Sergeant Gregorius and Corporal Bassin Kee. He's described as being a very thin and very tall man.

A.G.K.T. Rettig is from the Lambert Ring Territories and has the radiation scars, skeletal frame, and independent bent so stereotypical of 'stroiders. He had never set foot on a full-sized, full-g world until he was twenty-three standard years old. RNA medication and serious Pax military exercise has toughened and strengthened the trooper until he can fight on any world. Reserved to the point of muteness, he listens well and follows orders well.[1]


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