A. Bettik as portrayed in the cover of Endymion.

A. Bettik is an android and a supporting character in the entire Hyperion Cantos saga, being of special importance in the Endymion and The Rise of Endymion novels, accompanying Raul Endymion and Aenea in their journeys.


Biofactured several hundred years before the Fall of the Farcasters in the 29th century on the planet of Asquith, Bettik was a laborer on Hyperion and an employee of the Shrike Cult for centuries before the arrival of the Seven Pilgrims of the Final Shrike Pilgrimage, and worked for Martin Silenus in the centuries between that Pilgrimage and Aenea's arrival. Befriended by Raul Endymion, he accompanied Aenea and him on their journey and mission.

True Identity

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At the conclusion he is revealed to be an "observer," sent by the Lions and Tigers and Bears to monitor the universe.